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Reliable Basement Finishing has specialized in complete basement design and repair from start to finish since 1992. With the assistance of our talented team of architects and designers, transform your basement into a stunning and functional space. Everything from flooring and the plumbing work to interior design and additional rooms, we can assist with completely unfinished basement throughout.

Convert Your Basement Into A Practical And Comfortable Area

Transform your basement into a functional and cozy space by maximizing storage, optimizing lighting, and selecting durable, moisture-resistant materials.

You and your family may create a beautiful extra living space out of that wasted space. Let our team help you turn the laundry room in your basement size your cellar into a gathering place that you and your visitors will look forward to visiting.

Interior design and basement finishing services are provided by Reliable Basement Finishing to clients in Chicago, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Elgin, Barrington, Crystal Lake, and other areas. Would you like to add a workroom, home theater, gym, wine cellar, or additional bathroom to your finished basement? Do you need any of the services that are listed below?

  • Basement Finishing
  • Basement Remodeling
  • Basement Remodeling Home Gym
  • Basement Remodeling Poll Table
  • Basement Remodeling Electric & Plumbing
  • Basement Remodeling Private Office
  • Basement Remodeling Home Theater
  • Basement Remodeling TV Room
  • Basement Remodeling Game Room
  • Basement Remodeling Flooring

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Make your basement into the best place to play games! The options are unlimited, ranging from sophisticated gaming dens to vintage arcade settings. To improve the gaming experience, provide comfortable seating, lots of storage for consoles and accessories, and take into account themed decor. For immersive gaming, install a big screen or projector, and don’t forget to soundproof your space to reduce outside noise.

Retro game consoles can add a nostalgic touch, or for a futuristic spin, embrace the newest virtual reality technology. Your basement may become the preferred location for legendary gaming sessions and captivating entertainment encounters with thoughtful planning and imaginative design.

An energy-efficient and comfortable basement depends on properly installed insulation. To control temperature and reduce moisture buildup, which will stop mold and mildew, start by insulating the walls. The high insulating value and resistance to moisture of rigid foam insulation make it a good choice. Reduced noise transmission between levels and increased energy efficiency are two benefits of insulating the basement ceiling.

Maximize thermal performance by selecting insulating materials with a high R-value. To improve insulation efficacy and stop air leaks, seal any gaps or fractures. An enjoyable and worry-free basement space may be had all year round with an investment in high-quality insulation that keeps the space dry and comfortable.

Strategically place lighting throughout your basement to make it both a comfortable and useful area. To brighten the entire space, start with overhead lighting, making sure to select fixtures with adjustable brightness and energy-efficient LED bulbs. To increase visibility and lessen eye strain, include task lighting in work spaces like home offices or gaming tables.

Use accent lighting to draw attention to architectural details or artwork, such as wall sconces or LED strips, and to improve the ambiance. If you want flexible lighting management that lets you change the tone of your space based on activities, think about installing dimmer switches. Your basement may feel roomy, welcoming, and versatile for different uses and events with a thoughtful lighting design.

For longevity, comfort, and aesthetic appeal, flooring selections are essential when rebuilding a basement. For solutions that can survive possible dampness and still resemble hardwood or stone, go for moisture-resistant options like luxury vinyl plank or tile. With increased resistance to moisture and temperature changes, engineered hardwood provides the coziness of wood.

For comfortable seating spaces, carpet tiles offer easy upkeep and a smooth surface beneath feet. In utility rooms or home gyms, epoxy coatings can provide a smooth, long-lasting finish. For long-lasting performance, make sure your flooring is properly prepared beneath the chosen flooring material and insulated. Your renovated basement will look great and work well with the appropriate flooring.

Elevate your basement remodel with stylish and functional railing ideas. Choose sleek metal railings for a modern look, adding a contemporary touch to staircases or open-concept layouts. Opt for traditional wooden railings to impart warmth and charm, complementing rustic or classic design themes.

Glass railings offer a minimalist and airy feel, maximizing light flow and visual space. Mix materials for a custom look, combining wood, metal, and glass elements for a unique aesthetic. Consider incorporating built-in lighting along the railing for added safety and ambiance. With thoughtful railing design, your basement will not only be safe but also showcase your personal style with flair.

Firestops play a critical role in both safety and compliance when rebuilding basements. Prevent the spread of fire between floors by installing fire-resistant materials around penetrations like pipes and cables, such as intumescent sealants or fire-rated drywall.

Keep the integrity of fire-rated barriers intact by making sure that the areas surrounding HVAC ducts and outlets are properly sealed. In order to prevent smoke and flames from entering hidden areas such as walls and ceilings, install firestops. Keep firestops in good working order by performing routine maintenance and inspections. You and your loved ones’ safety and peace of mind will both be improved when you give firestops high priority during your basement renovation.

Use imaginative painting ideas to revamp your basement and make the area more appealing and reflective of your personal taste. Light, neutral colors are ideal for smaller basements or those with little natural light since they brighten the space and give it an airy, open vibe.

Try using colorful, statement accent walls to give your space individuality and visual appeal. To make architectural details stand out, think about painting exposed ceiling beams or ducting in contrasting colors. Accept textured finishes that give dimension and appeal, such as sponge painting or imitation brick. Your basement can be transformed into a unique, visually stunning, and welcoming refuge with the correct paint colors and application methods.

With well-considered equipment and design, you can turn your basement into a peaceful home gym. To preserve your joints and the surface of the basement, start with sturdy, shock-absorbing flooring like interlocking foam mats or rubber tiles. Add mirrors to the room to visually enlarge it and keep an eye on your shape while working out.

Weight and accessory racks positioned on the wall maximize storage while preventing clutter in the space. To optimize training possibilities in a small space, include adaptable equipment like resistance bands, adjustable dumbbells, and a multipurpose weight bench. Add motivational decor, lots of lighting, and a sound system with upbeat music to boost your energy. Your basement will turn into a wellness and fitness haven with a well-equipped home gym.

Remodeling a basement successfully requires a strong foundation. Initiate a comprehensive examination to evaluate any current fissures, seepage, or structural concerns; swiftly resolve them to avert further complications. When necessary, reinforce the foundation by installing more support beams or underpinning it to maintain stability.

To prevent moisture incursion, waterproof the foundation’s walls and floor using methods like interior sealants or outside waterproofing membranes. Make sure the base is adequately insulated to control temperature and stop heat loss. Giving your basement foundation first priority will ensure that your remodel is long-lasting and will bring you comfort and peace of mind for many years to come.

Add a chic and useful bar area to your basement renovation for a great place to host friends or rest after a long day. For longevity and style, go for a sleek countertop material like quartz or granite. Install plenty of cabinet, shelf, and built-in wine rack storage to hold glasses, bottles, and bar ware.

Add cozy and fashionable bar stools to the bar; choose styles that go with your decor motif and offer the right amount of support. Use mood lighting to set the scene by hanging pendant lights or using LED strips over the bar. A stylish and welcoming focal point for social gatherings can be created in your basement bar with the appropriate furnishings and decor.

Basement Game Room

Make your basement or craft room into the best place to play games! The options are unlimited, ranging from sophisticated gaming dens to vintage arcade settings. To improve the gaming experience, provide comfortable seating, lots of storage for consoles and accessories, and take into account themed decor. For immersive gaming, install a big screen or projector, and don’t forget to soundproof your home’s living space to reduce outside noise.

Retro game consoles can add a nostalgic touch to a dream basement, or for a futuristic spin, embrace the newest virtual reality technology. Your basement may become the preferred location for legendary gaming sessions and captivating entertainment encounters with thoughtful planning and imaginative design.

The most common problem when you start remodeling a basement

  • Moisture and Water Intrusion
  • Poor Insulation
  • Limited Natural Light
  • Lack of Proper Ventilation
  • Compliance with Building Codes

Basements are the most adaptable regions of the home, since you may customize the space to meet any purpose. It’s a great method to raise the value of any property and the usable square footage without having to build an addition. Regardless of the job, building more electrical outlets, more plumbing and other electrical work, and waterproofing are critical first steps.

Top Craftsmanship Basement Remodeling Team

We will collaborate with you throughout the entire project process to ensure that everything proceeds as planned and without hiccups.

Your new area will have multiple rooms with an interior layout designed by our staff to precisely suit your needs and preferences! We will also assist you with selecting the appropriate hues, materials, bathroom fixtures, and lighting solutions – whatever makes sense for the end result you are aiming for!

For remodeling projects requiring specialized skills, our team comprises designers local contractors and architects, and our project managers are all well-qualified and experienced. We can include the greatest building materials and more contemporary design for your basement remodeling project because we are constantly at the forefront of technology and design. You will be astounded by our artistry and craftsmanship as well as our level of professionalism, which will beyond your expectations.

Your next project will benefit from Reliable Basement Finishing excellent customer service and meticulous attention to detail, which will be provided throughout. There isn’t another business like ours that provides such fantastic value at such a low cost!

Free Basement Consultation & Estimate

A lot of individuals have a basement that’s gathering dust. Many homeowners dream of transforming their basements into additional living space, even though they may utilize it for storage.

Typically, remodeling a basement is highly complex and expensive because it requires hiring electricians and contractors, installing drywall, painting the basement walls yourself new plumbing throughout, and other tasks. However, Reliable Basement Finishing simplifies things by offering everything in a single bundle at a fair cost!

Our experience exceeds that of our rivals with over 400 completed projects in Chicago, Arlington Heights, Barrington, Schaumburg, Elgin, Naperville, Crystal Lake, and surrounding areas. The next step is yours; get in touch with us right now to find out more about how we can assist you in creating a new space in your ideal basement!

When You Remodel Your Basement, Your Home’s Value Will Increase

A homeowner can realize up to 70% of the expense contributed to their home’s worth once their full basement renovation or restoration is complete.

In the event that you are considering modifying your house, you should ensure that qualified contractors and laborers have been hired before starting any work. This will ensure that the task is done correctly and that the overall cost of the labor costs for the complete remodel is no higher than what you would have paid for the materials alone.

Our company provides homeowners considering this kind of project scope of remodel with a thorough estimate process since we understand how challenging these most remodeling projects can go without all the necessary information included upfront.

In addition to flexible remodeling prices and a range of customized basement remodel solutions, Reliable Basement Finishing provides design assistance general contractor, support, and direction.

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