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Our Pricing

Transparent Pricing for Quality Basement Transformations

What's the Cost of Basement Remodeling?

Remodeling projects are significant endeavors, and we prioritize quality over quick fixes. We use only top-notch materials and dedicate the necessary time to ensure exceptional results. Pricing varies based on project specifics, and during our initial consultation, we’ll provide insights into what ideas align with your budget. Explore our pricing below for an overview of past project costs, bearing in mind that each project is unique, and final costs will be tailored accordingly.

Standard level, finishes, open space layout, one room

for 1,000 sq ft

for 1,200 sq ft

for 1,400 sq ft

for 1,600 sq ft


The benefits you will get with this package

Not included

The following items are NOT Included in this price
3D Design Services

Visualize Your Dream Basement

At Reliable Basement Finishing, we streamline the basement remodeling process by offering convenient 3D design services for the entire project. This innovative approach allows our clients to visualize their renovated basement in detail before any construction begins, making the remodeling journey a breeze. With our 3D design software, clients can explore various layout options, experiment with different materials and finishes, and make informed decisions about their project. This not only simplifies the decision-making process but also ensures that the final result aligns perfectly with their vision. By providing this level of visualization and clarity, we empower our clients to confidently embark on their basement remodeling journey, knowing that every aspect of their project has been carefully considered and planned.