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What Types of Services Do We Offer for Your Needs

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Basement Finishing

Unlike some home designs firms we can offer you a complete package of services that can see your projects completed, from beginning to end. We offer you all the necessary components needed from the tiles and stone for your floors, the custom cabinets, the sinks and faucets and even the appliances. Imagine the time and energy you can save by having all of the elements needed for your home improvement projects in one convenient location.

You can feel comfortable in your choice of elements and appliances from us. We offer, custom cabinetry and countless stains and finishes to choose from. You can be assured that we are prepared to show you numerous choices so that you can be confident that the choice you make will be exactly what your have envisioned for your project.

You might be surprised to find how extensive the list of home improvement services we offer is. Aside from improvements we can offer for your kitchen and bathroom, we can help in transform your basement from a damp and gloomy unused room that no one uses, other than for storage, into a warm, cozy and inviting place to relax and get away. Maybe you’ve always wanted a media room or home theater; we can help you realize that vision.

What about a private library in your home for those who love their books, or a wet bar for those who love to entertain? These and many more visions can become reality thanks to the talented and experienced staff at your disposal. All that is missing from the equation is the vision you have for the project.

Just a few of the other services we have at your disposal are: tile installation, floor installation and cabinet installation. Along with our general home improvement services we can complete any task it takes to help take your ideas off of the paper and into reality.
Our home design services consist of a full package that is committed to completing your renovation project as quickly and efficiently as possible, while maintaining a high class service to our customers. No matter the size of the job you can trust us to insure your satisfaction of a job well done, no matter the project undertaken. You can see the types of results we achieve in our gallery or finished projects to gain a true appreciation for the level of excellence we strive to maintain.