Design Ideas For Perfect Basement Remodeling

Do you need more living area?

Do your domestic dreams include a home office, a deluxe media room, or perhaps a downstairs hangout for wild and crazy teens?

In most cases, even the most ambitious project costs only a fraction of what you would spend to build an addition. Estimates for building above ground average about 4150 a foot; remodeling a basement, on the other hand, usually costs only $55 – $65 per sq foot.
What’s more, no matter how grand your plan, remodeling your basement provides a major head start over new construction when it comes to heating and cooling the new space, powering a media room or home office, or meeting the additional plumbing needs of a bathroom or a kitchen. The utilities are accessible and can be easily upgraded or adapted to accommodate your design needs.
Heating and cooling is usually a breeze. Basements are naturally cool in summer so air conditioning is often not required. Basements retain some of the residual heat from the furnace that warms up the main and upstairs living space.
As increasing numbers of people spend more time at home, experts agree that they see their living space in a new way. People have come to realize that their homes are designable real estate that can meet changing needs and passions, rather than static rooms with rigid roles. And basements are, in many ways, the perfect space for the kind of flexible thinking and designing.
In fact, the amorphous quality of basement actually cries out for creativity and the kind of architectural interest and dimension that can transform it from unappealing to inviting.
Today’s remodeled basements have evolved into living spaces that are as comfortable and full of amenities as your upstairs rooms.
We sincerely hope that our website will serve as a source of inspiration and information for your basement remodeling project.
Transforming your basement into beautiful living space for your family and friends can increase the value of your house and your life make much more attractive.
Adding room to your living space without adding new building structure is easier and less expensive than you might think.
Your basement space can be fun, decorative, and perfect place for luxury in your home.

Here are some of the benefits of the remodeled basement.

Living room: located just in your basement can become your expanded space for your family and friends and in many cases it will be just the heart of your basement. Placing living room in basement is often all-purpose living space of your family and least expensive way to add square footage to your home. Locating your fireplace in your basement living area creates a nice, relaxing area for your family and friends.

Playroom: located in your basement for your kids playing in the warm and welcoming environment, where children could share one study room where they could read, work on computer, chat and collaborate rather than be isolated in individual bedrooms upstairs is undoubtedly benefit and advantage.

Fitness center/Exercise area in your basement is an ideal place for exercise and body relaxing as well for fun and recreation where there can kids and adults be enjoyed alike. Ideal place for exercise and body relaxing; no better place than in your basement.

Basement Wet Bar is a perfect place where you can entertain your family and friends. Home Office can be easily arranged in your basement as very functional and beautiful area. Combined with floor-to-ceiling bookcase, desk, a library cabinets and chair creates a generous study area. Easy convertible from cozy study to comfy bedroom for your guests when a bed or sofa and a chest topped with lamps and a flat screen TV are added.

If you telecommute and need privacy and quiet to get your work done, designing a home office in the out-of-the-way basement is a no-brainer.
Bedroom in a basement is perfect for an extra bedroom. A basement bedroom is the ideal place for eliminating upstairs traffic. Cool and quiet a recipe for a good night’s sleep.

Laundry: Why not take your washer and dryer down, to the basement wherein you can create and efficient, well-equipped and appropriate place for cleaning operations. It can be well-organized as storage for laundry supplies, tools, cleaning facilities, as a pantry space, ironing area, etc.
Laundry facilities can be incorporated handsomely into a room in the basement that can be designed for many other needs and activities as well.
Closets: basement is the best place to locate large, walk-in closets that feel like rooms, where your clothes are well organized and visible in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Hallway: usually located nearby and in front of stairs makes a form of vestibule to your basement and can be nice arranged as a transition to all the sections of your basement.

Bathroom: your basement equipped with bathroom can be a place for master bath and combines all the comforts of vanity, chic, intimate dressing, and spa as well. An extra bathroom in the basement can be glamorous and may have a sense of comfort and luxury.

Home Theater Media Room: You don’t need a fortune to create a highly entertaining and attractive room for your family and friends. Can be well composed with wet/dry bar and include a snack bar or even kitchenette, complete with a refrigerator, sink, and microwave oven, so that you don’t have to miss a moment of the movie. Most basements are rectangular in shape what experts recommend for realistic sound. Creating a media room in the basement means more than hooking up electronics. Can be arranged as comfortable, highly functional entertainment area in your basement.

No matter the size of your budget or the physical overall dimensions of your space in the basement, there are a full range of options that will make your media room looks as good as it sounds.
Home Workshop: a workable solution for your hobbies, landscape painting, crafting, woodworking, handy jobs, repairs, storage, etc the best place just in your basement. Just installing this section in your basement eliminates messing up the upstairs rooms or filling the house with paint fumes and dust.

Wine Cellar: you might have always wanted this to house your collection of favorable wines and in your basement there is an excellent spot just in your living area. Cool, dark basement provides a perfect climate for your vintage hobby.

Storage: fact is living space requires storage space. Make use of the area under the stairs. Create a storage room in your basement that will hold absolutely all of your staff. Dead areas in your basement can be easily adopted and used for storages.

When you need more living area in your home, remodeling your basement is the best solution. As increasing numbers of people spend more time at homes, people realize that their homes expanded by remodeled basement can meet changing needs and basements are, in many ways, the perfect space for the very flexible tasks and functions.
Today’s remodeled basements have evolved into living spaces of the houses to such extreme degree that it almost became a trend and passion of many people. Remodeling basements is appealing just now and creates new challenge in home architecture. Just think of it! Remodel your basement!
We sincerely hope that our website will serve you as a source of inspiration and practical information for your basement remodeling project.

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